Torso Carrie Multiple Entrance


If you want your nights alone to become nights full of pleasure and debauchery, this torso is your toy. It has a D cup so you can play with your breasts and enjoy as never before. Its curvy design is sensual and is made for maximum pleasure. Its base is flat so you can place it where you want. You can choose where you want to enjoy tonight, since it has a vaginal and anal channel. Use your favorite water-based lubricant for a super-wet experience. For a correct cleaning use a cleaning of toys.


  • Medical TPR
  • Curvy
  • Cup D
  • Multiple entry
  • Flat base
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable with water-based lubricants
  • Do not use massage oils, body lotions, gasoline, acetone or other chemicals
  • Measurements: 53.3 cm x 14.5 cm

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