Shots Toys Rechargable Automatic Pump


Pump up your sexual pleasure with this Shots Toys Automatic Pump. You dont need to pump this one yourself. Turn it on and leave your hands wherever you want. Grow a rock hard erection with this sucker. The opening is made of smooth and soft silicone, which feels really pleasant on your penis. The vacuum tube is transparent and contains a measuring line, so you can count the cm you grow.
How to use: if you want you can lubricate your penis, slide it in the the pump, press on and watch your penis grow. If youre happy with the size, or you just want to stop, press the S button to release the pressure. This pump is easy to clean after use with a bit of toy cleaner.


  • Suction Modes: 3.
  • Diameter: 67 mm.
  • Product Length: 320 mm.
  • Batteries: Rechargeable.
  • Dimensions: 12,50 cm x 9,50 cm x 36,50 cm.
  • Weight: 500 gr.

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