Shots Ouch! Extreme Mesh Balaclave with D-Ring


Once your master walks into the room, ready to show you all corners of the room while wearing this mask, theres nothing else left than to OBEY! But what if the submissive will take the power of the master away? This mask features a metal key ring making you able to hook up any bondage toy with snap closures like cuffs or leashes. In this way you can make your submissive do anything you like or the submissive can take over power by restraining you with your own toys! The mask is made of the highest quality materials and the bottom has elasticity, so it will fit almost everyone. There are also 3 holes in the mask, one for breathing and for retaining sight at all times! Try this mask in combination with any other Ouch! products! If it doesnt Ouch!, its not Xtreme enough!

Sizes: from M to XL

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