Sex Talks and Revelations (ES)


How much do you dare to reveal about yourself?

More than 100 varied, surprising and provocative questions and challenges that will seduce you and your colleagues to respond to a variety of hot topics. Each of you will pick up a letter with a question, very similar to one of these:

  • Advise your classmates on how to make a wonderful and erotic date for their lovers.
  • On a sexual level, did you ever say yes when you really meant no? Because you did?
  • What kind of relationship do your colleagues believe that you are doing better ?: eternal fidelity, no ties, no boyfriend or single bachelor?

Let yourself be surprised by the fantasies and preferences of others because ... do you really know the confines of your desires?

These and many more questions and challenges will promise revealing answers, fun times, serious thoughts, sexy discoveries, and above all ... lots of enjoyment together! This provocative game is for 2 players or more and can be played anywhere and with anyone.

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