Senze Candle Massage Clove, Orange and Lavander Blissful 150 ml


Enjoy a sensual massage with this massage candle. Among its formulation you can find ingredients such as aphrodisiac herbs, natural waxes, butters, oils and extracts. It is carefully scented with pure oils for a mist of passion with floral and fruit aromas.

Light the candle for about 15 or 20 minutes. After this time turn it off and spray the warm wax on your partners skin. For safety reasons it is best that you extinguish the candle before putting the wax on the skin. Thanks to its design with a perfect angle for a perfect pour.

Notes: be sure to extinguish the candle when finished or if you are not in the room.


  • 150 ml
  • Clove, orange and lavander
  • More than 36 hours of use

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