Pipedream Extreme Toyz Hot Water Face Fucker! Brunette

pWhen you want the hottest tightest most realistic blowjob ever the Hot Water Face Fucker is the ultimate cocksucker pbr pIf youre not getting enough head at home then this cocksucking cutie is just for you Grab her lifelike hair lube up her mouth and fuck her face until you explode The Hot Water Face Fucker is the hottest mouth ever to wrap her lips around your cock The secret behind this ultimate oral sex simulator is the hidden water reservoir located behind her mouth in the back of her head Fill the tank with hot water and enjoy warm blowjobs that feel just like the real thing Her open mouth instantly heats up creating a warm and tight oral masturbator that massages every inch of your pleasure rod pbr pHer wide open mouth is ready for your man meat The deep oral canal is lined with tiny ribs that feel great when lubed up Face fuck her as hard as you want and for as long as you like without her choking or gagging When youre ready to finish blow your load inside her mouth and watch her swallow every drop pbr pThe powerful suction cup base holds her head in place and sticks to nearly any flat surface floors tiles tabletops and even glass The water reservoir valve is located on the top back of her head To clean your suck buddy flush her mouth out withthe included toy cleaner and warm water pbr p piframe height360 srchttps playervimeocom video 159242851 frameborder0 width640 iframe

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