Pack 5+1 Meticulous Deluxe Cleanser Silicone


So that you can use your favorite toys in a comfortable and safe way, we have added the Meticulous anal shower to the family of Afternoon Night.

This anal shower will provide you with freshness and cleanliness anytime, anywhere. Use it with water or with your favorite cleaning liquid.

It has a flexible silicone mouthpiece safe for the body and with a shape designed for a comfortable, safe and pleasant insertion. In addition, this nozzle is removable, so that cleaning the anal shower is very simple.

Thanks to the fact that Meticulous is removable you can take it more comfortably wherever you want and enjoy it whenever you want, put it in your bag, in your suitcase or carry it in your pocket, nobody will notice.

Remember to properly clean your toy with neutral soap and water and dry it well to maximize its life and use your favorite water-based lubricant (F-843) for an extra wet experience.


  • Pack 5+1 Free
  • Ergonomic design
  • Flexible nozzle
  • Waterproof
  • Removable
  • We recommend the exclusive use of water-based lubricants

It includes:

  • Meticulous anal shower

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