Joystick Odin Black


Do you want to buy Joystick Black Pennies of exceptional quality? You can choose this Joystick Odin Black. The ergonomic grip of this product is a part of the fine structure. It also comes with a robust suction cup located on the bottom. It can be used whenever you need. Softening agents can never be associated with this product. The FreshCent effect of the Odin is really appreciable and it is capable of neutralizing odors.

When you buy Joystick Black Pennies, you can enjoy excellent safety. Silikomed medical grade silicone is a feature that needs special appreciation. Access to all erogenous regions is established in a gentle manner. High flexibility of this product guarantees optimal comfort.

Learn about the features of this product

  • High flexibility
  • It does not contain any softening substances
  • The ergonomic design
  • Silicone safe for the medical quality body Silikomed
  • No allergies or skin infections
  • Work well with many kinds of lubricants
  • Excellent ability to neutralize odor


  • 16.8 centimeter is the insertable length.
  • 3.8 centimeter is the diameter

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