JIMMYJANE Evoke Du-o Vibrating Massage Wheel

pEvoke du o features a powerful rumbling vibrator inside its ribbed silicone wheel for massaging across the contours of the body There is also a powerful motor in the silicone handle to provide pinpoint deep tissue massage The elongated silicone handle allows you to easily roll du o across the neck back and body providing muscle relief to those hard to reach places As the ribbed surface stimulates the outer muscles the vibration awakens the nerves deeper in the body for powerful muscle relief It is the ultimate in all over body massage pbr pFeatures pbr ulliMultispeed br liliVibrates br liliRechargeable Battery Included br liliMaterial Silicone and ABS Plasticbr li uliframe height360 srchttps playervimeocom video 232700687 frameborder0 width640 iframe

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