Gvibe2 Blue Lagoon


Not only is it an anatomical massager, but it also has medical uses. The new improved silicone will open up to new ways to have fun, is softer and more flexible than ever, and hypoallergenic. Its totally waterproof, so why not try it in the shower or bath? We have also installed a new way to charge easier, and has 3 engines that let you have fun for 4 hours.

It will stimulate the whole vagina, and also now stimulates the prostate to enjoy with your partner and try new things. It has 6 modes of vibration and is totally waterproof.

If you buy 2 units of this product you will receive a tester for free! And if you buy 4, in addition to your respective testers, you will receive a display for all Gvibe products! Dont miss this opportunity.


  • Watterprof
  • Magnetic USB Charger
  • Travel lock (by pressing ON for 3 seconds)
  • Multifunction

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