Geisha Balls 2 Pink


These geisha balls are the new generation of kegel balls, with a new finishing touch of velvet and a silicone strips for easier use.

In the package you can find 4 balls, from the lightest to the heaviest of the market, you can start with the lightest and go up in weight, you can use them with or with out the strap, and you also can use from 2 to 4 balls together. They are anatomically made for more pleasurable sensations.

It is advisable to use them about 30 minutes a day, including in daily activities. To remove the balls, you just have to relax your muscles and pull the strap, and once you have trained and feel safe to do so, you can try using them without the strap.

If you buy 2 units of this product you will receive a tester for free! And if you buy 4, in addition to your respective testers, you will receive a display for all Gvibe products! Dont miss this opportunity.


  • Safe for the body
  • Size of the balls: 24 gr; 34 gr; 44 gr; 56 gr


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