MyLoveCherry is dedicated to the distribution of erotic goods, adult toys, lingerie and cosmetics. We are leaders for quality, price and service. We also believe in new technologies with an online platform of the latest developments in this field, where our customers will find the best brands at affordable prices without giving up on quality and service. Our philosophy is a closeness with the customer and personal service.

Thanks to our daily effort’s, personal and direct contact and our after-sales service, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading adult novelty in Europe, in the field of erotic and sex products.

But at MyLoveCherry® we offer much more. We have developed the best shopping experience. Our website is designed to reach the maximum level of usability, viewing our catalogue is simple and pleasant, thanks to the accuracy and effectiveness of our search engine. We strive hard to catalogue the articles and complement the opinions of the customers. The purchase process is simple, with very few steps, accompanied by a secure platform for order confirmation and payment.

Our logistics system is designed for speed without relinquishing reliability. We ship the orders on the day of your confirmation. Our customers receive your order the next day with our 24-hour service. We do not compromise on customer satisfaction.

We have a highly qualified commercial and technical team. This allows us to provide a leading service to stores and for professionals. We advise and help you choose the products that best fit your business model.

Our staff advises clients on each product they are interested in, to ensure a completely satisfactory purchase. 

Our store with more than are highly automated and our stock management system ensures a wide variety of items and total availability of goods. You can count on the permanent stock that MyLoveCherry® puts at your disposal. Now you have at your disposal all the products in one store, full of material ready to be sent instantly. We are not simply intermediaries or commercial agents, we have all the products that appear in the store for professionals in the store so that you can check the availability of each and every product.

Our commitment to the customer is not only to offer the most competitive prices in the market but also our willingness to resolve any incidents with the objective of achieving maximum satisfaction.